Chapter 4

London, England, 1420

It was finally time for Brooke and Riley to learn the truth once and for all. They turned seventeen last month and we decided that we need to tell them now, as they’re old enough to find out. We already had a daylight ring and amulet ready for them, but we were bracing ourselves for departures or being together alone without either of them.

When we first told them they were disgusted! Thinking how could we kill someone and then drain them of their blood without feeling guilty and ashamed. We told them the whole story and they understood how I only did it so I could be with my family. They eventually decided to join us and I turned them both into vampires. They were confused and disorientated at first as they were adjusting to their new superhuman senses, but as they got used to it we gave them their amulet and ring.

I knew we would have to leave and live somewhere else as people would start to notice us not aging, so we decided to leave for France. We chose to live in a cut off area in the South of France and we swore we would never kill a human again.