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The first season of The Vampire Diaries (Fanmade) will be based on the arrival of Ethan Proudmore, a vampire. Ethan shakes up the lives of the residents of Fells Church, especially Kristin Dawson, a girl suffering from the loss of her father, and the dreams of him that haunt her. Ellie Santos, a vampire that has spent her life searching for one person arrives into town with an agenda. Symone Warren, Kristin's bestfriend who happens to be a witch, Chase King, Kristin's jealous ex boyfriend, Emma Sutherland, a naive girl whos life is shaken when she stays with Aron Misner way to long. This season is filled with very thrilling plotlines and a secret that will keep everyone at the edge of their seat, when the end comes you won't know it hit you. Soon Kristin will question everything and will receive an answer she never wanted. The stories for this season air every Saturday, the producers and writers of this chapter/season are (User: The Vampire Diaries (Fanmade), (User: Elementalstudios) with supporting writers who make important judgements (User: Yolanda salvatore).

Beginning with the 11th episode: new plotlines will be taken on, which will change the sides people have taken thus far, as a new threat even greater than vampires makes it's presence known; Also, with a great audition Skye Asaari and her children, who make their way into Fells Church. The next chapter will close the thrilling lives of the residents and determine the fates of our beloved characters in a place known as Fells Church.


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Episode GuideEdit

"Pilot" 1x01

Kristin Dawson awakens after having another dream of her father. Kristin is accompanied by her friends Symone Warren and Emma Sutherland on her first day back to school. Kristin then meets Ethan Proudmore, and invites him to a party after her jealous boyfriend, Chase King warns her not to. While at the party, Aron and Chase try to plot to get Kristin to hate Ethan, but in the end Kristin has a talk with Chase. While she and Chase are in the woods they discover Samantha Boone's body. Ethan runs into Ellie Santos, a girl form his past, she reveals she needs his help with something and she will eventually start to kill the people in this town. Ethan calls an old friend.

"Let Me In"

A stranger comes into town and shakes everything up, changing the rules of the game. Ellie unleashes the evil inside of Ruebin, all to the point where Ethan has no other choice but to call an old friend, Alexandra. Later Reubin causes drama, up to the point where Alexandra stakes him. Kristin and Chase break up, and Kristin lets Ethan in her life and even "invites" him into her home. Symone then learns that she is somehow connected by blood to a witch clan. This episode ends with Ethan making his first move in Ellie's little game, and Ellie stating that he has just made it to the second level, Ellie then speeds away.

"The Thirst"

People get bound by blood as secrets start to reveal themselves in the small and unknowing town of Fell's Church. Symone is faced with her destiny and forced to trust someone she is bound to hate. Ellie makes a risky move as she tries to prove how fragile human life realy is.
"There Might Be Blood" 1x04
The most exciting things happen at parties, Symone has a strange premonition as the town prepares for a fashionable party where anything can happen. Ellie decides to make herself known to the town, as Ethan and Miles question Sheriff Terri. Kristin faces her most threatening enemy, Ethan must be decisive before to much blood is spilled. Ellie keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, when she kidnaps Miles to get Ethan to play along. A powerful vampire returns to town and this time she is here to stay, but what side she chooses is the real mystery.
"Memoir" 1x05
The town is shaken up as memories come to surface and friendships start to bound. Symone learns who she can truly trust, and Ethan is faced with having to reaveal his darkest secret. Miles deals with the newly turned Michelle, which Ellie has taken credit for. Meanwhile, Symone and Alexandra work on a way to find Miles, but to no avail, soon Ellie reveals secrets about Miles, and after learning that revenge is useless she gives up Miles's location.
"Great Expectations" 1x06
They say that when someone tells the truth it will set you free. Kristin's love for Ethan is put to the test as the truth comes out. Symone tells Amelia about her powers and this way she finds out that nothing is what it looks like. A new couple finds its way in as they tempt eachother. At the end of this episode, Kristin is kidnapped by a vampire named Henry.
"The Choice" 1x07
People react differently when faced with choices that affect their lives, but when it comes to the lives of others, then the rules change. Fear finds itself at home in Fell's Church as even more secrets come to light. Ellie is chained against her will and is forced to reveals truths about Henry. Kristin has to deal with Henry and Michelle. As Symone goes on a date with Miles. Ethan learns of Kristin's whereabouts and gets Ellie to help him fight Michelle and Henry, they manage to rescue Kristin, but kill Michelle.
"Lockdown" 1x08
When a protective spell changes the rules of the game, Ellie is faced with needing help. Ethan reveals some startling information in the hope of opening up peoples hearts. Friendships are torn apart, destinies changed and love is broken, while Fell's Church's most horrifying secret lies inside a normal house.
"The Sunrise" 1x09
People leave for the best, but when they leave they don't realize who is hurt in the midst. Kristin asks Ethan about Alexandra's past, and he only reveals the parts he knows. As Ellie deals with the fact that she is going through the first stages of her curse, and Amelia and Symone grow closer as secrets are revealed. Aron and Chase get into another heated conversation revolving around Alexandra. Symone and Amelia learn a threatening secret that could end Kristin and Ellie's lives.
"Spellbound" 1x10
Magic is a strong instrument, but when wielded right, it can save lives. Curses are broken and people change as decisions are taken. Saving someone's live is never easy, but when you have the power in your blood, it's your duty to do wathever you can.
"Changeling" 1x11
Kristin's birthday party isn't the right place to be, that is if you wish to stay alive. Destinies are shattered as a new death strikes town bringing changes with it. Mistakes are also to be paid, as Ethan is bound to find out.
"Dead Man Walking" 1x12
A new vampire is born in town. Will he choose the good side or will he run, scared of what he has became? Blood is a strong element. It can save lives, end them and break friendships in just a few drops.
"The Night The Moon Turned To Flames" 1x13
The longly awaited eclipse turns the residents of Fell's Church against each other. If magic cannot save the ones that are innocent than what else can? Symone is bound to find out what her powers truly mean and Alexandra and Ethan are faced with danger and Kristin loses something she will have to fight to regain.
"A Little Superstitious" 1x14
Mending broken trust is a hard thing. As strong, unknown forces concoct a plan to destroy what is left of Fell's Church, Kristin fights for her own life and for those who she trust as friends. But is fighting worth it in the end?
"Past Mistakes" 1x15
What happens when everyone starts to look back on the day they made that one huge mistake. Greg, Emma's father tries to make his way back into her life, as he hides a dark secret from her and her mother. As Kristin wants to know more about Arielle and Ethan's past. Ellie learns that Sheriff Strauss and Greg have something big planned for the residents of Fells Church. Chase is arrested, when the police want to know more about his father's death. And old foe of Ellie's past makes her way into town.
"Skye" 1x16
As we all face the drama life brings with its flaws, the reisdents of Fells Church are in for a wake up call. Skye Asaari has arrived in town and she has an agenda and a plan for Ellie Santos. Ethan does his best to keep a secret hidden from Kristin, and soon she starts to worry. Kristin and Chase make amends as they want to know what Alexandra and Chase are keeping from them. As Symone continues to work on a spell to find Miles. In the end of it all, Ethan must make a shocking choice.
"Unveiled" 1x17
Everyone is faced with a dark secret that must soon come to the surface whether we want it to or not. This is a lesson Ellie learns, when she and Ethan are convinced that Skye and her children died in the fire that was set by Symone. Ellie and Ethan make it their mission to learn exactly what Greg and Sheriff Strauss have planned. Meanwhile, Symone's new intentions of getting into contact with Amelia, soon call for Kristin, Emma, and Alexandra to put their own lives in danger. In the end someone pays the ultimate price. Skye returns and makes her presence known to Ethan and Ellie.
"Captive Souls" 1x18
More than one life hangs in the balance in the set up for an epic two-part finale. As Skye has Ethan and Ellie against their will, she goes to high links to prove that she will do whatever it takes to make sure Ellie's life is a living hell from now on. As Aron makes a shocking discovery about Emma, Kristin and Symone rescue Ethan. Chase and Alexandra have a conversation about their lives. Ellie makes the ultimate sacrifice, knowing what she is doing will keep the one's she cares about safe for now.
"Anna" 1x19
A new face shows up in the small town of Fell's Church. Anna holds the truth and she is ready to let it go in order to make sure that she acomplishes her ultimate goals. After this newcommer settles into town, things will never be the same again.
"Homecoming" 1x20
Destiny is a cruel thing. It uses us and then just lets go, facing with decision we were never supposed to take. Every character is changed by destiny as life has other plans with them. Kristin's trust is shattered into pieces as she does something that will change the course of everyone's lives.