The town of Fells Church has always been a quiet town off the side of Georgia. That is until a threat unbeknowst to the residents has arrived, named Ethan Proudmore, who is a vampire. Ethan arrived to the town with an agenda, he is looking for the vampire that killed his sister, and got a word from his friend, Alexandra Nicolaev, who stars with a recurring role this season, that he resides in Fells Church. However, the vampire has not yet revealed himself, and Ethan meets Kristin Dawson, whom he takes a liking to, and her boyfriend Chase King, whom is a jerk to everyone he meets. Kristin's friends Symone Warren, who's a witch; Emma Sutherland, a human who's naive life mixes up the people around her; Aron Misner, who's a lovable jock that doesn't know his family history will soon lead to his downfall. Now, Ethan came to town thinking that he left his old life behind, but a strange being has followed him here, Ellie Santos, the vampire that knows something about his sister's death, and is looking for a crystal that could help her live. Ellie will retrieve this no matter how many of the town's people, like Ruebin, she has to turn. As this season progresses there will be more characters unveiled in this exciting chapter of the character's lives.