04 October, 1799




Vampire Destroyed


04 August, 1823


Ethan Proudmore (brother, vampire),
unnamed parents (deceased),



Significant Sires


Killed by

Unknown old vampire (as human)
Unknown vampire hunter (as vampire)





Arielle Proudmore is Ethan Proudmore's sister. She was destroyed in 1980 by an unknown vampire hunter. Soon to reveal that it was Johnston who actually killed her. Ethan comes to Fell's Church in order to find out who ordered for his sister to be staked. Ethan's discovery leads him back to working with a demonic force, Ellie Santos, whom wanted Arielle's help in finding Scarlet, a very powerful vampire. It can be hinted and stated that Arielle and Ethan were very close and the two of them always bonded in times of darkness.

Season 1Edit

Arielle appears in several flashbacks. Some of these flashbacks occur, due to Kristin Dawson wanting to know what happened to Arielle. Arielle is often mentioned by Ethan and Ellie as they unvocer the truth and discovery a shocking form of history in the making. It is revealed that Arielle and Johnston Everwood had a form of relationship sometime back, and when he heard that Ethan and Arielle were leaving, he could not allow it, so he became furios when Arielle had to leave. Therefore stating that if he couldn't have her, then no one could. The death order was originally meant for Arielle and Ethan, but Ethan was one of the lucky ones.

It can be interpreted that Arielle had a soft spot for humans and often offered nice things to the wrong people. Ethan stated that there was a line between good and evil, and Arielle crossed over to the good side. Believing that no one would harm them - but look where it got her.